769 days to achieve goal

پنجشنبه ۹ آذر ۱۴۰۲

Compelete Story

Despite our faults and mistakes we are. In fact we are not just one thing,one day and one person,but we belong to Cafel.

Every body must have a dream. Your dream is important because it makes your futuer.
Our dream is to create international company and changing it to one of 10 beast brands of the world.
It would better to pay attention about our future because we must pass rest of life there.
Cafel story bgan with a response of aquestion.
Why are we still a third world country by having one percent population of the world and nearly ten percent of the world resources ?
Cafel is considered a travel from nothing to everything

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The values which define Cafel attitude:

A company could be successful just whenever that it creates opportunity and success for others.Cafel is committed to be responsible of society and humans in the whole communities where it activates. The most significant Symbol of a teamwork is using  word “we” in all affairs and to avoid using “ Me ”.

Its one of the basic and fundamental  factors of  Cafel Holding. Personnel is obliged to preserve human dignity since entrance to holding and other subsidiary companies untill accomplishing the highest executive levels. Its obvious that lack of obligation to preserve human dignity of personnel is considered as deviation from institutional principles.

Possitiveness  and  optimistic view must be indispensable part of colleagues  character because  pessimism result in weakening  and destroying the spirit of teamwork among employees. Its obvious that ,Cafel Holding treat encouragingly

with those who determinedly and with a sense of confident about  future of work,  and vise versa it will withstand against any pessimism  and negative attitude.

  Cafel Team

Having a responsible performance is our commitment as a futurist company.

Mohammad Mehrchian

Mostafa Hesari

Ruzbeh Parchami

Sajad Hayatbakhsh

Mohammd Parchami

Omid Naieni

Saeed Davoodzadeh Farsani

Hamed Salehi Fard